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Stress. We can feel it almost every day – when we’re scared, or when we’re in tense. Stress is a body’s response to difficulties, whether it’s someone chasing us or a task to be done. We feel it, because when we’re scared, body produces lots of adrenaline. When it’s the so-called “primitive stress”, this hormone is released at once, thus providing us with some extra power to run. When we feel the modern stress, though, the adrenaline levels are higher than usual all the time. It is not healthy, because as adrenaline is a stimulant, it stresses our body: heart, liver, blood vessels and mind. It’s not actually very helpful, when we need to do a task that we need to think over. Adrenaline stops the major functions of brain, or, to be precise, changes the whole brain to think of “flight or fight”. I’m pretty sure nobody has ever tried doing maths being chasen by a tiger or a bear. This applies to modern stress too: the more we are stressed, the more difficult it is to think about the solution for the problem.
The best ways of lowering the stress? Proper diet is surely very important.
Proper diet and use of nutrients is very important. We don’t even understand how easily every thing we eat changes our mood, and our body.
The less sugar and fat we eat, the better our brain works overall. When we eat sugar, or caffeine, our brain is working “better” – but for a short period of time, after which it needs time to recover. The more we stress it, the less the overall performance of it will be.
Fat causes our blood vessels in brain start to clog. Lots of important parts of brain get less blood and oxygen, thus we have more problems using them.
Lots of people eat heavy food before going to sleep, which is very wrong. If we eat something heavy, our body uses alot of energy to break fat and sugar while we sleep. They wake up very moody and not refreshened. If we eat something easy for the stomach, though, like vegetables or fruits, our body consumes the food very quickly with almost none effort – because our body is produced to gain nutrients from such things – thus making it possible to gain more energy while we sleep from actually sleeping, rather than spending it on dissolving heavy meal.
Very easy thing to lessen the negative effects of stress is get some Magnesium from pharmacy and green tea from your local herbal shop. Magnesium lowers the negative side-effects of stress, as it participates in nerve-to-nerve transmission and stabilises the blood pressure. Green tea is one of the best easy-to-get antioxidants. It means no more nor less, that cells will oxidate (burn) nutrients slower, thus gaining more energy from them.
Some say ginkgo-biloba, the plant which grows in Southern-East China, is very helpful, because it has natural chemicals, which expand the blood vessels in brain. It’s available in the pharmacy over-the-counter and it’s very cheap and not addictive.

It’s very important to think about it and question your diet. Is it healthy? Does it help you with your everyday life? I don’t know what about you, but I’m throwing this sweets away, and making some good tea. It’s time to relax and enjoy the evening.

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