DMT, the substance of importance

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Imagine something more complicated, than we can understand. Impulses more powerful, than we can process. Experience so mighty, that it opens our soul. Death. Czytaj dalej »

Studies on Parkinson’s

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At present I am studying genesis of Parkinson’s disease. For the last few months I have been gathering data about this particular illness. I have found alot of interesting information which I would like to share. Czytaj dalej »

Core of Faith

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These days we are so away from God we believe in, that I can’t stand it anymore. His person is, and was, used to scare and get rich very often, the best example being crucifixions in the past, and human kind evolution being negated nowadays. Czytaj dalej »


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Stress. We can feel it almost every day – when we’re scared, or when we’re in tense. Stress is a body’s response to difficulties, whether it’s someone chasing us or a task to be done. Czytaj dalej »


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The best holidays teenagers would want? That is gonna be a difficult one. Some would totally like surfing, skateboarding, some would prefer watching complicated technology, and some would rather get drunk. Czytaj dalej »

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