Core of Faith

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These days we are so away from God we believe in, that I can’t stand it anymore. His person is, and was, used to scare and get rich very often, the best example being crucifixions in the past, and human kind evolution being negated nowadays. We got far away from the true core of faith. My way of thinking is simple – God is not a person who gives orders, loves, puts to hell and judges. I don’t find him a person, but energy of limitless love, something far beyond our eyes can see, ears can hear and skin can touch. God is in our hearts, and He is love. When I take money, churches, person He is percieved to be away I find the real core – love, which we, as a human kind, succeededly run away from. The sooner we stop and think about what connects us, people, elements, nature and the world itself, the better, because then we will find the real faith. Connectedness, so to speak, with love, not fear. That’s gonna bring us joy too. God is Love, and Love is God, is my philosophy, way of thinking. Being connected and taking care of every part of my life, my soul, enjoying the moment as much as possible gives me joy. I don’t call God, I focus on sensing him, not calling. I am not only the body, that gives me a way to communicate, and impairs me at the same time, causing my death in proper time. But we should find death a part of life, and take care of mentality as it’s the only thing we will save after it. And death means something to celebrate, as the person reaches higher level of consciousness. The more we cry after a person we loved, the less we percieve positive things he, or she, did in their lives.
I don’t say God does not exist, He may as well be true. It would be even better, as He would judge the worst. The thing that I have in mind, hate, and thus boycott, is that we are learning new things every day, but the most terrifying thing is… We’re not absorbing it. We strongly believe in false gods, so to speak, like money, position, rather than love and knowledge, which are the core of our lives. Things we can easily loose we find the most important, which leads to much hatred.
In the end, it doesn’t matter who we are, but how much true love we gave.

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