DMT, the substance of importance

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Imagine something more complicated, than we can understand. Impulses more powerful, than we can process. Experience so mighty, that it opens our soul. Death.
The most powerful psychoactive substance known to mankind is produced by our brain. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is synthesized in the pineal gland. There is little information about this fascinating substance. It was first chemically synthesized by Richard Manske in 1931. From this year on many controversies and speculations arose. Many studies haven’t brought a conclusive answer on her role yet. Experiences under influence of synthetic DMT consist of short-term, robust change of consciousness, completely detached of known world. Scientists report brutal entry to a world, in which every particle makes significant role in building totality, and totality is build of significant particles, profound time and consciousness expansion, as well as “encounter” of ideal creature. Basing on these experiments lots of scientist, like Terence McKenna and Rick Strassman, certify possible connection between this substance and spiritual experiences. Rapid presence of DMT, which occurs during birth and death, reassured scientists about huge importance of this substance. The experience is supposed to ready the soul to change her state. Connection with god, which happens during decease, may also be only a catalyst to astral plane. Apart from presence of this substance at that particular moment, her short duration and mysticism of experience reassures this hypothesis.
Dreams are also a “trip” on this tryptamine. Studies have shown presence of small amounts of her in deep, conscious dreams. Their complication and intricacy is a palpable proof of her presence.
There is a reason for calling DMT a purgator of values and purifier of thoughts. That’s why I have included her molecule in the logo. Just like this substance I’m trying to show you the depth of the world.
The value we so often forget.

Sources: – Main information – Pharmacology – Summary of Rick Strassman’s book – DMT and dreams – Terence McKenna, psychonaut and ethnobotanist – Rick Strassman, psychiatrist and ethnobotanist


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