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The best holidays teenagers would want? That is gonna be a difficult one. Some would totally like surfing, skateboarding, some would prefer watching complicated technology, and some would rather get drunk. Unfortunate thing is, it’s technically impossible to do it all together – excluding, of course, Chuck Norris (he’d knit few socks inbetween). But if we talked about something that can be done, there is something that every man would like to do: go “airsofting”.
What is Airsoft? Usually people call these “bb guns”, which they seem to percieve it pretty childish. It surely isn’t – it’s way funnier and more realistic than paintball. Guns aren’t really that expensive, but ain’t cheap either. Cheapest replicas are about 30-100 zlotych worth. They… well, they spit the bb bullets, but you can’t really trust them. You can’t deny they’re “deadly” though – I know much people that can do serious damage with cheap replicas. If you want to go more advanced with it, there are weapons for around 200-400 and 400-800zl, which are – if chosen correctly – very good airsoft equipment. I would say, a gun for 50 in a hand of skilled shooter can do more damage than a powerful one for 600 in a hand of a newcomer. The main difference is, of course, power. More expensive means more power, but to be honest, it’s not really good to look at the throwing force only. The gearbox is more important – good quality one can shoot with less force, but more accuracy.
To cut this short, I’d get a pack of 20 guys in an old van, equip them with cheaper airsoft replicas and give them few square kilometres of forest. BB bullets don’t hurt, don’t leave any marks, and if the rules are understood by every player, the game is very safe and exciting. That would be the most lovely thing to do for people interested in arms.

After being treaten by few bullets, they’d be more interested in armory, defence and physics of flying plastic.

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